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Aged Pine Bark in a landscaping We have been manufacturing mulch and soil products for several years now. Our background is in horticulture and manufacturing. We offer superior products and are able to offer competitive prices.

Aged Pine Bark Mulch

Aged Pine Bark Mulch is processed to 1" in size and has a beautiful chocolate colour. This material is used as a decorative mulch or is used also as part of nursery planting soil. Many nurseries source their Aged Pine Bark Mulch from us as we have a very consistent quality.

Aged Pine Bark Nurseries use this bark mulch as a base material to mix nursery soil. We can custom screen this material to suit particular nursery's requirements.

Aged Pine Bark Mulch Fines

Aged Pine Bark Fines are made to a smaller size - we process it to 1/2" for special uses. Landscapers use Aged Pine Bark Fines as decorative mulch around small plants such as annuals and perennials.

Many horticulturists use Aged Pine Bark Fines as a soil conditioner. Used as a topdress or incorporated directly into soil mixes, Aged Pine Bark Fines makes a stable, long lasting soil conitioner.

Railroad Ties Railroad Ties

Tied in bundles of 20

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